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Complete restoration

Restoration of classic cars and motorcycles
Car restoration

What is restoration?

To fully restore a car means to completely disassemble and rebuild every single part to make it work again. Remove oil and rust build-up from the years and replace worn components. For example, a customer may inherit or find an old car rusting away in a garage. With a full restoration, this classic car can be restored to its factory appearance and it can run again.

Some define restoration as restoring the car to the way the manufacturer originally built it. This is not always possible, but we guarantee that we will give 100% of ourselves to make it as original as possible, while integrating the latest methods and materials for corrosion and UV protection.



What the full restoration includes:



  • Removal of old paint, oil overlays, glue, rust and other coatings until cleaned to bare metal
  • Repair of panels and rotten areas due to corrosion or impact
  • Replacement of whole panels in case they are not repairable
  • Priming with two-component epoxy primer
  • Application of polyurethane sealant to prevent moisture and other contaminants from penetrating between the panels
  • Shagreen at customer's request
  • Painting



  • Complete disassembly, cleaning and inspection of engine, and transmission
  • Repair or replacement of damaged or worn parts
  • Revision of individual systems- braking, fuel, cooling, etc.
  • Repair of suspension
  • Repair of electrical installation and appliances



  • Reupholstering of seats, dashboard and other decorative elements
  • Installation of sound and heat insulation
  • Manufacture of carpet and insoles

How do we work?


You can contact us by phone, email or via the contact form on the website.


Our team will thoroughly review all details regarding your car or part.


We will prepare a quote for the fabrication or restoration of your vehicle or part.

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